College Consulting Services

  • Planning for the Future

We further realize that parents have other financial goals besides a college education for their children. Balancing retirement objectives against educational objectives is an important part of our practice.

In short, College4Less will hold your hand throughout the years of your student's college years. We want to help put you in a position where you can look your Son or Daughter in the eyes once they get their Award Letter and be able to say to them, "Yes, you can go to the college of your dreams!".

Services We Provide

  • Analyze your financial situation
  • Provide recommendations to legally reduce your EFC whenever possible
  • Show you the best way to pay your out-of-pocket share
  • Proprietary SAT/ACT prep courses
  • Scholarship eligibility report
  • Application review
  • Essay review
  • Complete FAFSA, Profile & other college required forms
  • Career profile
  • College search
  • Direct award negotiations

How You Benefit

  • Help increase student testing scores.
  • Assure important areas such as Communnity Service aren't overlooked.
  • Identify each student's strengths and weaknesses that can be channeled into career paths that will allow them the greatest opportunity for success.
  • Investigate colleges that meet each student's criteria and determine which one of those will provide the most funding.
  • Critique college applications and essays before submission.
  • Complete necessary college forms such as the FASFSA and College Profile.
  • Provide a personalized scholarship eligibility report.


College Funding Strategies

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