New College Admission Metrics

Have you applied to college yet?  If not, your final date to apply is fast approaching.  Many colleges close their application acceptance by the end of the year or the first of next year.  That means you have less than 20 days left to apply.  With the college admission process becoming increasingly tricky, the applicant needs to take advantage of every opportunity to set themselves apart.  According to Erik Hoover senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education,  ” When colleges choose applicants, they’re juggling competing goals, like increasing diversity and bringing in more revenue. Admissions officers aren’t looking for students who fit just one description — say, those who’ve earned all A’s or won the most awards.”  So what steps can you take to navigate these new College Admission Metrics?

Standardized Tests Still Rule in College Admission Metrics

One of the largest factors for college admission is still standardized testing.  You know the tests; they include the SAT and ACT, but could also include other tests.  These tests still play a major role in the admission process.  While many colleges are downplaying their importance, they do value the one stop insight that these standardized tests offer.

Your Coursework Plays a Role in College Admission Metrics

But what happens when two applicants have very similar test scores.  In reality, colleges are not weighing one against another, they are weighing hundreds against each other.  What makes one applicant stand out from the crowd?  Colleges begin to drill down into the specific rigors of the applicant’s educational portfolio, specifically, the individual coursework of the applicant.  From here the colleges are looking at the difficulty of the specific courses or the specialization of the coursework as it relates to the applicant’s field of study.

Personality Profiles are playing a larger role in College Admission Metrics

The New Metric in college admissions may be more inline with a personality profile, than an academic profile.  In a recent interview with Dr. Perez of Trinity, he states “Trinity still values conventional measures, the new model has expanded the staff’s understanding of merit.”  What is that new model?  Perez says, “While reading applications, its admissions officers now look for evidence of 13 characteristics — including curiosity, empathy, openness to change and ability to overcome adversity — that researchers associate with successful students.”  All these personality metrics are used to ensure the applicant has the greatest potential to excel at that particular college.

What is the message?   While standardized testing is still important, what really separates one applicant from another is more personal in nature.  Colleges are looking for a “right fit” which will include academic and personality, as well as other indicators, to assist them in the admission process.


Author: Dorothy Mautte

Dorothy is President and Chief Consultant for College4Less™ a College Funding Planning Company associated with the Strategic Education Technologies Advisors and The College Planning Network (CPN). CPN is a network of financial professionals who specialize in helping “families successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid planning process so their children can attend the college of their choice − regardless of the cost.” Dorothy has served in the Financial Services Industry for over 35 years and has helped hundreds of families plan for college. Whether you have high-school aged children or younger we can help you find the best resources available for all your college needs and design a strategy for you to pay your share and still be able to retire Set for Life without risk.