How do you get Ready for 2018 College Semester?

The college buzz is in the air.  The 2018 Fall college semester is just around the corner, and, if you are like me, your house is in a frenzy.  This year, we have two college students, a senior and a freshman, heading off to college.  That means there is one who knows nothing about college and one who thinks they know everything about college.  There is a lot of wisdom in both ends of the spectrum that will help you prepare for the 2018 college semester.

The Perspective from the Freshman

Make full use of lists!  Every college has a list of supplies that may be useful to incoming students.  “You may even want to make a list of the things you use on a day to day basis.”  You can also find a plethora of useful lists online.  But most importantly make these lists personal, not everyone needs the same stuff.

Check you college portal.  This may be called your student dashboard.  You can find valuable class information on these sites.  This will help you become more prepared for the upcoming semester.  Start setting up your schedule, look over syllabi, even ordering your books early can ease the semester pressure.

Other helpful advice includes: keeping in touch with your admission counselor, contacting your roommate, or contacting any friends who may be attending the same college with you.  Remember, this advice is to help you use this month to help you be better prepared for the upcoming college semester.

The Perspective from the Financial Planner

Do you have a financial plan in place for the college semester?  This should include your plan to pay for college tuition, room and board, as well as spending money.  It is always good to start with a plan, even if you have to make adjustments in the middle of the college semester.  Your financial plan can help as you more forward to the next semester.  Consider the cost of sporting events, special events, travel home expenses, school supplies, and even coffee.  These small expenses can add up, so make a plan and you will find yourself better prepared for the upcoming semester.

In this post we have examined tips from the upcoming semester from the college freshman perspective.  We hope that you will find some of these tips beneficial to the 2018 fall college semester.  Please, add you tips to the comment thread below.

Author: Dorothy Mautte

Dorothy is President and Chief Consultant for College4Less™ a College Funding Planning Company associated with the Strategic Education Technologies Advisors and The College Planning Network (CPN). CPN is a network of financial professionals who specialize in helping “families successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid planning process so their children can attend the college of their choice − regardless of the cost.” Dorothy has served in the Financial Services Industry for over 35 years and has helped hundreds of families plan for college. Whether you have high-school aged children or younger we can help you find the best resources available for all your college needs and design a strategy for you to pay your share and still be able to retire Set for Life without risk.