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Paying for 4 or more years of college can be a staggering task. Thankfully there is help available in the form of financial aid. But applying for financial aid is a complex process involving many important financial planning decisions. Parents and students, left to do the process on their own, will routinely make mistakes costing them thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars per year in reduced aid.

Our mission is to ensure that every student will get every dollar to which they are entitled. Additionally, we assist families by designing the most effective ways possible to pay the portion of college costs not covered by financial aid. The Department of Education calls this the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). One of the most effective ways to reduce your family's EFC is to invest in your student.

Dorothy A Mautte - CEO at College4Less
Dorothy is an experienced College Planning Specialist. She is a member of the National Association of College Funding Advisors.

"I became a college funding advisor because of my work with seniors. They would ask me to work with their children, assisting them with their own financial planning issues. Invariably I discovered a major concern was how to pay for four years of college for their children and still effectively address other major planning issues like retirement funding."

Dorothy has worked with hundreds of families in four ways:

  1. Completion of the FAFSA and other college forms required to receive financial aid.

  2. Analysis and recommendations regarding student and parent assets and income to lower the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to its lowest possible level.

  3. Designing the most tax-favored and budget-minded way to pay for the remaining EFC.

  4. Effective tools to choose career paths, college majors, and the best college for each student based on dozens of criteria.

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